Contingency Plan

What would 8 hours of downtime mean for your business?

Without a contingency plan in place, an infrastructure outage could have serious effects on your business. In the event of a natural disaster, it could take hours or even days to find the right equipment.
With ThermFlo, you're covered.

Our promise is partnership

When you sign on with ThermFlo, it's more than just an agreement. We're partners you can count on for routine maintenance, emergency response, and everything in between. We're the experts on mission-critical systems and we're here for you when you need us most.

Contingency Plan Benefits:

You can rest easy knowing you always have a dependable partner on call for emergency service, any time of day, any day of the year.


With our comprehensive coverage, you have a backup to your backup plan, so power is never out for long.


Many Service Level Agreements (SLA) have terms in regard to uptime and require that your business has a contingency plan.


Most insurances for mission-critical systems either require a contingency plan or offer a discount for having one.

The ThermFlo Difference

After a consultation, the industry standard is to send an email assessment telling you what equipment you would need in the case of an outage. We provide you with a thorough, fully executable plan for a turnkey solution customized for your business.
And it just gets better from there.

Program Capabilites Industry Standard ThermFlo
Assessment identifies equipment needed in outage
Assessment includes turnkey solution
Updates plan when your company makes changes
One call puts your plan into action
Dispatch includes equipment, accessories, trucking, engineering, labor, and fuel

We customize a plan to fit your needs

When it comes to being prepared for the unexpected, we plan for everything and anything. In our assessment, we'll get to know your business and what you'll need in the event of an infrastructure outage, natural disaster—or just scheduled downtime. You can choose any of our services à la carte or purchase a Service Agreement for the ultimate all-inclusive partnership. Click below to learn more about our offerings.

Basic Contingency Plan

  • Site assessment
  • Emergency contingency plan
  • Method of procedure
  • Proposal for any recommended infrastructure


  • Site assessment
  • Detailed infrastructure drawings
  • Multiple site inventory sheet
  • Updated system labeling


  • Emergency contingency plan
  • ECP site IDs and information stored and kept up to date
  • Method of procedure
  • Annual refresh


  • Proposal for any recommended infrastructure upgrades
  • Implementation of infrastructure upgrades
  • Site testing and validation

Emergency Readiness Response

  • Equipment on standby
  • On-the-spot-deployment
  • Turnkey installation and standby support
  • 24/7 ECP expert consult and support

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