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options for proactive protection

ThermFlo Service Agreements provide for 24/7/365 emergency response and preventive maintenance that are critical to keep your business in business. In addition, ThermFlo offers a complete menu of “à la carte” services to help ensure optimum performance and business-critical continuity.







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Quotes for repairs - Commercial/Industrial HVAC and/or generator equipment

Thermflo can quote any repair for heating, cooling, thermal management or backup power equipment. If you are not aware of the type of repair needed, we can conduct an equipment assessment at your request.

Call (847) 353-5403, [email protected]


HVAC or Generator Equipment Assessments

At your request, a ThermFlo technician will assess your commercial HVAC and/or Generator Equipment by reviewing the visual condition, temperature readings, air flow, pressure readings, unit age and other factors to determine its current status. We can then provide a written quote to restore the unit to normal operating parameters and efficiency if applicable. When appropriate, we will also determine the future life expectancy of the equipment, and provide an estimate for replacement.

Call (847) 353-5403, [email protected]


HVAC Equipment Upgrades

ThermFlo can bring your existing Liebert equipment up to current performance standards, and add the latest iCOM® controls, to allow multiple units to work together, and improve energy efficiency and monitoring capability. ThermFlo can also add variable frequency drives (VFDs) to most Liebert equipment to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Call Brett Culotta (847) 353-5327, [email protected]

Generator Load Banking

ThermFlo can provide a generator testing process, by connecting a resistive load to the generator and activating stages of electrical load. ThermFlo offers load banking most often in 2 and 4 hour increments, but we can also provide load banking to any specification you wish. Annual load banking prevents wet-stacking of your diesel generator exhaust system, improves performance of your fuel injectors, and ensures the generator’s output is achieving its rated kW.

Call Vito Capriati (847) 353-5323, [email protected]


Generator Remote Monitoring

ThermFlo can add 24/7 monitoring for your power generation equipment, using a wireless remote monitoring system with a customer access portal. The system also delivers alarms to cell phones and email addresses, keeping you informed on the current status of your power generation equipment.

Call Vito Capriati (847) 353-5323, [email protected]

Generator Fuel Polishing

ThermFlo utilizes specially designed equipment to remove microbial contamination and water from your generator’s diesel fuel tank. Annual fuel polishing is recommended to keep your fuel system in optimal working conditions, which translates into easier engine starts and operation.

Call Vito Capriati (847) 353-5323, [email protected]